Thursday, 19 May 2016

Top Seven Technical Analysts of All Time Share Their Secrets

Marty Schwartz ran his account up from $40,000 to $20 Million and also won the U.S. Investing Championship in 1984.

Mark D. Cook  Lost all his capital several times while learning to trade including one occasion when he lost more than his entire net worth after five years Mark had totally recovered from the losses.Now he trades options holding them 3-30 days and day trades S&P 500 and NASDAQ futures.

Victor Sperandeo An options trader and technical analyst who had a string of 18 profitable years clocking an average return of 72%.  His first loss was in 1990 with a 35% drawdown. 

Ed Seykota THE pioneer when it comes to computerized trading systems.  Inspired by the work of Richard Donchian he began developing futures trading systems in the 1970s Originally he wrote trend following systems with some pattern recognition and money management rules.  By 1988 one of his clients’ accounts was up 250,000% on a cash-on-cash basis.  Today it is reported that his daily trading efforts consist of the few minutes it takes him to run his computer programs and generate the new signals.

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