Wednesday, 27 July 2016


In trading world, small profits lead to riches. There could be few outperforming trades but that is not always true. While trading with a mentality that somehow or by some method you will start to find every outperforming stock and you will make money with speed of light is just an illusion.

The conclusion is, try to be consistent to catch smaller profits, somehow in middle of road you will also get some outperforming results, which will act as a cherry on cake. But take out the thinking you are going to be top richest person with a day or week or a month. There could be a few lucky traders but there is only few in this world.

Most people who trade these days use indicators or oscillators in one way or another, searching for the magic input values to make them work consistently. After losing money and spending countless hours in this effort, they realize that there is no magic set of inputs. The reason for their failure is, they are not thinking about the market as simple as market is.

The market works simply on Supply and Demand factor. So, they should try to evaluate simple methods or indicators according to it. Use the indicators which can give you clear picture of these kinds of basic market parameters. Volumes, patterns and price itself can easily provide the complete story of the market, that whether it is in an uptrend or downtrend or moving in trading range.

(From Mr Sudarshan Shukhani's Post)

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